Price List

Type of Job Net Fees
1. Light-duty physical jobs and jobs that do not require special professional qualifications such as: making and delivering coffee, addressing mail, mailing correspondence, photocopying, assembling and binding materials, positions of the receptionist, waiter, food server, monitor, call center operator, maid and other similar jobs 140,00/  per hour
2. Jobs that require secondary education, or increased physical exertion, such as: typist jobs, computer operator jobs, technical drawing, cashier, personal assistant, nurse, driver, couriers in the field, jobs in kitchens and laundry services, cleaning staff in hospitals, manufacturing facilities and other similar jobs 170,00/  per hour
3. Jobs that require advanced specialist training or increased physical effort in difficult conditions such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, open space, cleaning the factory grounds and other similar jobs 200,00/  per hour
4. Harder physical work such as: archives transfer, cleaning yards and industrial halls, loading and unloading drinks, meat and other bulky goods and other similar jobs 225,00/  per hour
5. Jobs that require a university degree, thorough knowledge of foreign languages, or other kinds of specialized knowledge and training and hard physical labor such as: loading and unloading, furniture transport, transport of building material, construction jobs and other similar jobs 250,00/ per hour
6. Jobs that last one or two days (up to 8 hours per day) 1800,00 per day
7. Jobs performed for several days, less than 5 hours per day 1100,00 per day
8. Duty at fairs (hostess of the stall) 3000,00 per day



Depending on the status of the association’s member, there are two types of calculations
• School students – students under 26 years
• Unemployed persons

Unemployed persons are, on the basis of the social contributions, entitled to pension and health insurance through their youth-student association.

The new Republic of Serbia’s Law on Pension and Disability Insurance anticipates mandatory pension insurance for “persons who perform temporary and part-time jobs in accordance with the law, through youth-student associations, and who are 26 years old or older, or, for persons whose age is insignificant if they have finished their education.“
(an excerpt from the RS Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, Article 11, Paragraph 10, RS Official Gazette, Issue 34 from April 2, 2003)

Depending on the status of the association member, two models of calculating his/her actual earnings arise from this legislative solution:

1. for school students and students,
2. for members who are not at the university and for students older than 26,

The youth-student association is obliged to keep records of the contributions paid to the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund for association members from the second group, as well as to perform all activities necessary for their registration in and cancellation from the funds.