• Member of an association can be an unemployed person, aged 15-35 years.
    • To join a youth association, one needs to possess:


    1. For an unemployed person under 35 years of age: ID card and work card (for inspection).
      The Pension and Disability Insurance Law states that the employer is required to calculate and pay pension ad health insurance for every day spent at work for this category of employees, which will be added to their years of service.
    2. For school students: ID card, authentication from school.
    3. For students under 26 years: ID card and student’s transcript, or university authentication.

All the necessary information and documents, along with your CV (biography) should be sent to our e-mail address: office[at] or if you have any additional questions, contact us on the following phone numbers: 011/2661076 and 065/2661076.